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Vegan Recipes

Vegan Enchiladas

I grew up in California and we lived on Mexican or Mexican inspired food. I ate salsa and had tortillas several times a week with various fillings, not to mention guacamole. We would go to Mexican restaurants at least 2x a week. Enchiladas was a big favorite. I gave up dairy many years ago and also wheat so to have enchiladas again is such a treat. These really taste like the real deal! These tortillas are gluten free and are made from almond flour and cassava root made by Siete.. I bought them at Whole Foods in frozen tortilla section. The cheese is Vegan Mozz is made from cashews and melts just like cheese. Also available at Whole Foods. Just place one tortilla in a pan (you might need to defrost for a few minutes first), shred cheese on top. Allow to cook tortilla on that side which will melt the cheese at least partially. Keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn. Then place another tortilla on top and cover with a large plate on top of pan and flip. Then cook the other side. This will fully melt the cheese. Remove from pan with large spatula. Place on a serving plate and cut into how many pieces you would like. I added a dollop of guacamole and hot sauce. Serve with a large green salad. 
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