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Raw Food Recipes

Raw Chocolate sweetened without sugar!

Love chocolate but can't eat sugar or trying not to? What a dilemma! Fret no more! Make your own chocolate easily with lankanto sweetener which tastes like sugar (more than stevia)! Just melt 2 cups of cacao butter in double boiler (you don't want to heat the cacao butter at too high a heat to keep more of the benefits in). When it is all melted, place in refrigerator for a few minutes (not too long-you don't want it to harden or you will need to re-melt it) because you don't want to cook the following ingredients.

Fruit Tarts

This month has been all about the fruit tart. Last month I made the peanut butter cups. Now it is fruit cups. So I started with a date/almond crust with a layer of cashew butter and fruit on top. You blend almonds in the food processor first. Then add the dates and blend to a course mixture. I froze the crust for about one hour. Then added a layer of cashews mixed with raw honey. Then I soaked the fruit in a syrup of raw honey and water and then placed red grapes, kiwi and blueberries on top. I froze the tarts overnight.

Raw Linzer Torte Cookies

 I always loved the Linzer Tort cookies which consist of almond cookies filled in the center with jam. So while I am in the "jamming" mood, I came with this creation also. This was so easy to do. Just almond and date for the cookie. Flattened with a rolling pin or a glass jar. If you don't have a cookie cutter, you just turn over the glass and use the rim of the glass to cut out the cookie shapes for continuity. I used a rolling pin to flatten but couldn't find the right size cookie cutter so I used the glass rim to cut the cookie shape. The raspberry jam is the same recipe I used for the blueberry jam in the peanut butter cup. I decided to dehydrate the cookies so it would have a little more cookie feel and also not fall apart but it is not necessary if you do not own a dehydrator. The ratio I used for the cookies was 8 dates to 1 cup almonds. Preferably use organic almonds but all almonds including organic almonds in the US are irradiated because of a stupid law passed a few years ago. The best almonds are from Italy. Most raw food companies use Italian almonds. You grind the almonds first in a food processor. Then add the dates, chopped and pitted. I used large medjool dates but any dates would work. These are very gooey but the cookie does not need to be. It would taste good with other dired fruits too like apricot, etc. The jam is raspberries, raw honey and a little water to blend with 2 T chia seeds added after. You must allow the mixture to sit. I left it in the refrigerator overnight to thicken and scooped a little on oneIf you want to be more authentic you could make an indentation with your thumb in the middle of the top cookie and place a dollop of jam there. It was awesome!!!

Raw Peanut Butter Cups with Raw Blueberry Chia Seed Jam

One night recently I came home and was reading posts on FB. I came upon a raw peanut butter squares recipe. It sounded so good that I ran over to the nearby Fairway which is open until midnight. I thought, if I make it tonight, I will be eating it by tomorrow which motivated me to get dressed and go out to the store. 

Also, I had also been thinking recently of making a raw berry chia seed jam recipe that I had kept seeing posted on FB. It always looked yummy but since I don't eat bread, I didn't know how I would eat it.
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