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Gave up all sugar.

I developed a rash on my torso a few months ago. I didn't know what it was. I thought it was winter itch but it looked a bit different than in previous winters. I used various skin creams like shea butter and found some relief but it wasn't healing completely even though the weather had gotten warmer. So I finally went to a minute clinic in a local CVS and saw a nurse practitioner. She identified the rash as atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema and prescribed level 2 steroid cream for 2 weeks. She warned me that it is harmful to take for longer than that before it thins the skin. I normally would only use a natural remedy but I was so desperate from the itching. I was told to not shower every day and only with warm water and to use certain creams with no irritants to keep skin moisturized. I followed her protocol but at 2 weeks although much of the rash had disappeared, I still had some. At Whole Foods I found an essential oil blend for psoriasis that gave me great relief which I used. But the rash kept coming back. So I finally booked a session with a health practitioner using Scio biofeedback technology that I had seen demonstrated in some interviews on gaia.com on the Regina Merideth show Open Minds, who I follow regularly, and also on youtube interviews of Karen Ann MacDonald. This is an amazing method which can identify all types of illness in the body as well as the best remedies. Karen was able to see that I had candida and parasites. So I gave up all sugar and started following a vegan somewhat ketogenic to diet which is high healthy fats like avocado, coconut oils, flesh, olive and other good quality oils, nuts and nut butters and only include a small amount of carbohydrates. I'm including berries which are low sugar/carbohydrates. She believes in raw chocolate as being a great source of magnesium which opens the heart chakra but instead of using honey, coconut sugar or maple syrup to sweeten it like before, just using stevia or lakanto monk fruit sweetener which are zero glycemic and plenty sweet (most people prefer monk fruit as it tastes more like sugar and doesn't have a aftertaste like some say stevia does). I've been eating it every day. I tell some people that I am off sugar and they feel sorry for me. I say life is good when you have a diet that includes chocolate! (it must be organic and raw though-see previous post for recipe) I've noticed all kinds of healing and positive changes since I started this diet as well as other protocols she prescribed. The rash disappeared and my face lost the jowls I had which I'm very happy with! The cheeks in chinese medicine represent the intestines so the enemas, colonics and lack of sugar were detoxing my colon. I've also lost many wrinkles. I'm sure there will be more to follow. Most people concern themselves with buying expensive moisturizers instead of cleaning themselves out from the inside out. I was recommended to have 5-7 colonics to heal my condition. I've only had 3 so far but am having my 4th one this Friday. I am a certified colon therapist but I haven't practiced in a few years or had a colonic for a while. I won't ever go this long without a colonic. I think for maintenance, I think once a month is as long as I think is ok to wait. They are too important. 

I am super happy with the results of eating this low glycemic diet. I intend to continue this diet and keep cleaning out my body. My colon therapist said that be careful of the time I might say to myself  " I'm good, I can eat high glycemic fruit, honey, coconut sugar...." because the condition can return. Once you have a predisposition for candida, it can come back. 

The ketogenic diet is known to help people lose weight. Athletes do it to gain energy because it's better to run on fat than sugar. But it's a diet holistic MD's use to fight cancer. Cancer is fed by sugar. If you don't eat sugar meaning , of course, white sugar, but also bread, flour, potatoes, etc, No food for cancer, no cancer. So it might be a diet for people to check into to feel more healthy or to fight major diseases like cancer. I have heard that people with diabetes also use this diet for obvious reasons. I am not testing for ketones so I'm probably more vegan paleo at the moment but it's still working. The carbs, the sugar, processed foods are the bad guys. Not the fat. 

I feel great so I know it's the way to go for me. 

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