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"Sylvia brings great attitude, attention to detail and positive energy to her practice which is so rare to see in NYC. Also, her holistic approach, focus on diet and the mind-body connection is worth paying attention to. This has been the best complement to my strength training as I have maintained flexibility and prevented injuries, which happened frequently pre-Sylvia."
Mitesh Rastogi, Partner, Media & Entertainment Private Equity Fund

"Sylvia is by far the best yoga instructor I have ever had.  She focuses on alignment and makes you understand what the poses are actually supposed to be.  My body awareness has improved so much working with Sylvia.  She has immense health and nutritional knowledge and has helped me become healthier in so many ways.  I cannot recommend her services enough."
Kelly R, Attorney

"I have been taking Sylvia yoga classes for more than 2 years. She is the best instructor I ever met. After so many years of trying, I have learned breathing techniques, proper form of yoga poses ..I improved my strength and flexibility  . I would not have been able to make the progress I made without her classes. Thank you Sylvia! You are amazing! "
Alla Gaster, Accounting Manager

"…Then one day I decided to take a yoga class. I figured it would be relaxing and I could brag about taking another class to my friends. Turns out it as far from what I thought it would be. The class was taught by Sylvia Smith. This woman alone changed my life and because of her yoga became the workout I could come to love. The rest was history. I continued to see Sylvia twice a week."
Niki Cheng Owner Bo Concept 

"Sylvia Smith, who teaches the Sunday yoga class on 91&3, is one of the best instructors I ever had the privilege to learn from. I traveled and lived all over the world and can say wholeheartedly that Sylvia meets the highest of standards when it comes to teaching (and living). She is extremely well educated and makes it her mission to pass on the valuable information she possesses to all of her students. Most classes taught by other instructors in New York (including NYSC) are fast, not very thorough, and don't put too much emphasis on getting things done the right way, which is the safe way. I have injured myself in these classes in the past. Now I visit the club only to attend this very specific class by Sylvia, who is very strict about the right alignment. By that she makes sure her students are safe and getting stronger by the week. I highly recommend her to everyone I know. I only wish that she would teach more classes, as we all benefit so much from her guidance.
Sylvia is not only teaching me yoga, but she's also teaching me how to sit, stand, walk and breath. All such basic things we tend to un-mindfully do the wrong way. She changed the way I live my life and simply revolutionized my health. If you ever have more teaching spots to fill, I would strongly advise to use Sylvia Smith. I personally would follow her wherever she will teach. It's simply a matter of health."
Anonymous student, NYSC

“I decided to try a yoga class with Sylvia at NYHRC 3 years ago. After that first class, I was hooked! Her attention to detail and willingness to spend time adjusting each student proved invaluable to my practice. Thanks to her I improved greatly in a very short time. In addition her raw food workshops have totally changes my life! She is so much more than just a yoga teacher in class.”
Nicole Smith Design Guru The Perfect Space

"I have been taking Sylvia's yoga classes for almost two years, first at 41st and 3rd, and then 91st &3rd, Broadway/City Hall, and 76th and 1st.  I also try to go when Sylvia is subbing. She is one of the few teachers who emphasize proper form in every pose, thus ensuring maximum benefit to the student as well as minimizing injury, at the same time modifying poses for students to enable everyone to achieve success.  I have learned how to be in poses using blocks, poses which otherwise I would not be able to perform healthfully owing to tight hips and hamstrings. She is also very hands-on and makes adjustments as necessary, being fully present to all the students, of all different levels, giving everyone her personal attention.  I have taken yoga sporadically for years, with many different teachers, and have learned more from Sylvia than almost everyone else combined."
Judith Tripp, Retiree, Marathon Runner

I’ve been working with Sylvia for almost a year, and it is no exaggeration to say that I have undergone a total transformation. Regularly attending Sylvia’s yoga classes and working with her in private sessions has improved my strength and flexibility beyond anything I originally expected.  Sylvia is a gifted communicator with the ability to break down poses and concepts in a way that is understandable and accessible to anyone.  She exhibits patience and compassion and accepts her students where they happen to be.  Sylvia consistently tailors herself to the needs of the person she is working with, whether she’s giving an adjustment in class or working in a private session.  Sylvia approaches her students holistically with the understanding that nutrition and diet are just as important as regular yoga practice.  Her dietary suggestions have played a major role in my progress. Above and beyond all of this, studying yoga with Sylvia has helped to calm my mind and has given me a new tool to help deal with the stress and overstimulation that is part and parcel to living and working in Manhattan.  I can’t recommend working with her enough. It might sound cheesy, but it really is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.
Jonathan Rohr Attorney

The most striking thing about Sylvia is that she not only talks the talk but she certainly walks the walk. She truly lives the practice. Her intention is to serve and her commitment is unwavering. She is constantly educating herself and looking for more tools to bring to her teaching and her life.
Kristin Pfeffer former fitness director of The Peninsula Spa

“My experience with Sylvia has been nothing short of life changing. My knee has strengthened, my back pain has dissipated, and the emotional impact of a yoga practice has been very positive.“Without question, Sylvia is the most informative and effective instructor that we have ever practiced with. As a result of our opinion regarding the exceptional instruction and guidance that Sylvia offers, we choose to continue to engage her in private sessions for least one session per week, if not two."
William T. Reiland Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

“It is a good fit for anyone who wants to learn proper form in a compassionate, buoyant atmosphere. Her approach is a terrific balance between the strictures of good technique and yoga’s more freeing aspects.”
Greg Comlish

"Sylvia's guidance has had a tremendous impact on my yoga practice. She is one of the few yoga teacher's I've had with such a strong focus on alignment. Even when practicing with other teachers, I hear Sylvia's voice in my head saying "no leaning," "palms flat," "tummy in,"... Her spiritual guidance also makes her classes true to what yoga is supposed to be - a lot more than just a great workout." 
Christina Kalantzis

“Sylvia is an amazing yoga teacher. Her style of teaching combines meticulous attention to detail with a joyful, motivational instruction. Sylvia has made such a positive impact on my life with her teaching; I walk, breath, and stand differently and my body looks amazing. Yes, she's that good. ”
Elizabeth Lawson

“I have attended yoga classes at many NYSC's and have had many Teachers/Instructors. Sylvia was by far the best. She stressed alignment and getting the positions right, also providing the "why" and other context for yoga practice. Without her expert guidance and dedication I would not have been able to make the progress I made, at the pace I did. It got to where her class at NYSC was just as much a part of my schedule as going to work!” 
Andrew Meranus

“Sylvia is the only yoga teacher I take classes from. She is extremely detail oriented and meticulous about having the proper form. Even though it is hard work, but one can still enjoy Sylvia’s classes because she combines work with a sense of humor and makes you laugh. She is enthusiastic and really cares about her students. In addition, her approach to Yoga is not only on the physical aspect, but also on the spiritual side as well.”
Sylvia Lim

"Sylvia loves what she does. I admire her passion to share with others and inspire others to choose healthy diet. I recommend her skills in yoga and healing practice" 
Margot Lloren


"Sylvia is wonderful. Thank you! Namaste"

"Sylvia puts me in a state of bliss" Stacy

"Thank you Sylvia. Amazing massage...feel like a new man" Benjamin

"Very relaxing and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Sylvia"

"I just got around to listening to your recording on Words! I LOVED it! Thank you! So full of good vibrations. I was familiar with the elements you drew from, but loved your presentation, very ecletic... Thank you for this top notch study. I will listen to it over and over!"Gena Lombroso

"Thanks so much for sending the links for both webinars! They are so packed with information I have to listen to them a couple of times! I look forward to your next webinar. Thank you from my heart, you are a precious soul. Love & Light xo"
Rik Crockford

"Sylvia, your webinar was truly magnificent. Every thought and action led into another very gently and comfortably, so that when we got to the meditation I was just open and surrendering to the various stages of forgiveness. . My heart became very soft and fluid as I forgave and forgave and forgave - myself and others for all and everything. Total and thorough clean sweep. Then when you invoked beloved Michael to cut our chords .. aah .. the release was electrifying. and restorative.. Thank you Sylvia, all your webinars continue to raise our vibrations and infuse us with a higher amount of joy. Grateful I had the time, the computer and desire to be with you on the call. It was a shower of love pouring over me."
Indira Devi

It was so fantastic!!!!! Sylvia is so fantastic and what an asset to the Online Light worker's Oasis Group and to the Inner Light Heals Facilitators. I do not have words to describe the overflowing gratitude for the wealth of information that she pours out to each of us. I received so much clarity last night about raw food eating as it is something I have been working towards for several years now.She has been my mentor since I started this journey of my shift into a healthier diet and I must say to receive her wisdom and teachings is a gift from the angels. Thank you for sharing with us Sylvia!!!!!!
Jacqueline Beth Johnson

Sylvia Smith's webinar on Prana Rich Raw Desserts was awesome! Chocolate Avocado mousse is happening tomm. I loved sharing space with Sylvia, learning, & the opening and closing invocation xoxo Much Love!
Ashley Davene

"Sylvia, thanks for the webinar the other night on how to make healthy breakfast. I thought it was very informative. I can't wait to try some of those recipes."
Sharmela Nohar

You have brought my attention full circle into the miracle of sound healing. Loved sounding the bijas with you. Many thanks for gifting us with Deeksha awakening. Fantastic!!
Rohana Wolf

Really enjoyed your webinar. Had to leave for a couple of minutes because of microphone issues. Anyway the webinar was both educational and inspirational --- as always ♥ Angel Blessings ♥
Cindy Devereaux

Thank you for the very informative webinar! ♥
Shiva Cragwell

Thank you beautiful Sylvia for these yummy recipes. Your webinars are always so informative..God bless love and light.
Jennifer James

THANK YOU SYLVIA! beautiful session. i feel energized and happy. GOD BLESS!
Bhawna Dhar 

Thank you Sylvia! Your seminar came at a time when I really needed it..So grateful to you..
Vineeta Gandhi Agiwal

Thank you Sylvia for surrounding us with love and light....am still in the space that you took us to...God bless you. You are sharing with us something truly beautiful and peaceful bringing tranquility in our otherwise busy lives.
Padmashree P.S.

Thank you so much..l am buzzing now and my pineal gland certainly had a work out !! The energy was deep and penetrating in pineal gland...vibrations around my crown chakra opening more and expansion was immense ~ the violet flame cleansing and refreshing ~ and seeing an opening to another dimension within that connects one to GOD and it is a personal one for one who can feel, see, intuit the portal
Carine Woder

When I grounded, i felt waves energy running through me very gently...from the soles of feet to the top of my head. Even now twenty minutes after the meditation I feel so light and happy:) Thank you again Sylvia for reminding me about the benefits of the Violet Flame.
Shina Moon Willow

Thank you for a profound and many-layered forgiveness webinar. I am so grateful for lightworkers like you for sharing freely from your heart so that others might find their own path to the light.
Anne Chiang

"Your voice was so calming and I loved your readings. xxx" 
Krys Smeltzer-Phillips
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