WHOLE BEING HEALING -                        Sylvia May Smith
Balancing the feminine and masculine energies webinar recording
What are the qualities of the Divine Feminine?
 Sukha and Sthira
 Giving and Receiving
The Principle of Gender from the Kybalion 
What is the Divine Masculine?
What Goddesses will bring in the Divine Feminine
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Building the Antakarana for Ascension Free Webinar recording
In this webinar we will discuss the following topics: The Spiritual Triad Stages of Building the Antakarana Steps to build the Antakarana Monad/ Soul/Soul Extension Importance of the Grounding Cord And we will do the following powerful meditations to greatly assist building and strengthening our Antakarana, to clear the Auric Field and to widen the Central Channel with the Angels and a journey to the Ascension Seat of Serapis Bey Meditation
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Ascended Pizza Recipes
1. Angelic: Avocado topped with Cherry Tomatoes and Arugula on a non-dehydrated sunflower seed/chia/thyme crust 2. Divine: Pistachio Pesto on an Sprouted Oatmeal crust 3. Heavenly: Classic Italian style with Pine Nut Cheese and Marinara on an onion /oregano sprouted buckwheat crust 4. Altered State: Greek style with Cashew Feta Cheese with marinated veggies and oil-cured olives on a sprouted spelt crust 5. Etheric: Sun-dried Tomato Pesto and Rosemary Tapenade topped with a tower of sprouts on a sprouted quinoa/sprouted whole wheat crust
Price: $5.55
Forgiving Our Past to Move into Higher Dimensions 2nd version
In this webinar: We will do a forgiveness meditation for past relationships of those who have hurt us and those we have hurt and ask Michael to cut cords and vacuum away dross energies from our fields. We will go through our past until present day and forgive each one that has harmed us. Then we will do the HO'OPONOPONO Prayer meditation to ask for forgiveness from those we have harmed. We will do a powerful forgiveness meditation for the earth.
Price: $5.55
Living in the Vibration of Love Webinar Recording
How can we evolve into a 5 dimensional consciousness while living in this 3d dimension? 1. Developing empathy, compassion, positive attitude 2. Gratitude 3. Forgiveness 4. Seva 5. Peaceful Negotiation 6. Violet Flame Meditation And much more!!
Price: $5.55
Standing in Your Power Webinar Recording
We will discuss the following topics: 1. Having strong boundaries 2. The conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds and how they effect personal power 3. Power and Your Life Purpose 4. Being powerful yet gentle and loving (Balance of feminine and masculine traits within each of us) 5. Abuses of power 6. Personal Power Meditation with the Archangels
Price: $5.55
Karma Cleansing with Archangels and Mantras
We spoke of the 4 types of karmas, Dr. Pillai and karma and invoked Archangel Michael to clear our energy fields and spaces and Raziel to sever vows made in previous lifetimes as well as discussed and chanted the extremely powerflul karma removing mantras the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani and Om Mani Padme Hum.
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Recipes from any webinar
Enlightened Breakfasts Sensuous Salads Living Pasta Prana Rich Desserts
Price: $5.55
Sensuous Salads Webinar recording
We need to have one large leafy green salad a day as per Dr. Joel Furhman from PBS special but sometimes another salad may seem boring. In this webinar we discussed delicious ways to get those greens in our diets that excite our taste buds. We discussed the basic salad plus 4 unusual sensuous salads: Massaged Kale, Sprouted Quinoa Tabouli, Salad Nicoise. All ingredients buzzing with lifeforce!! Massaged Kale
Price: $5.55
What Happens When We Die Webinar recording
In this webinar we discussed: How long does it take for the soul to leave the body What prevents someone from going directly into the light? What is the Bardo and the 3 Phases? Cremation vs Embalming Mechanics of death How to best prepare for death to insure your Highest Spiritual Evolution What do we do between lifetimes? Preparing for a new birth process (unless one is ascending)
Price: $5.55
How To Hear Your Angels and Guides Webinar recording
The Divine is speaking with us all the time in many ways if we can interpret the messages. We learned how the Angels communicate with us, how deceased loved ones communicate with us and how Ascended Masters communicate with us. We will learn what the clairsenses are: Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Claircognizence. We learned about the many signs to receive these divine messages like hearing a song over and over, feathers, number sequences, etc. We learned how to increase our sensitivity to them to receive divine guidance. And so much more!!!
Price: $5.55
Enlightened Breakfasts Webinar recording
We learned how to make green smoothies and how to make them more potent with superfoods, raw carrot muffins, raw blueberry sprouted buckwheat pancakes with cashew cream, raw granola with sesame milk and cashew yogurt topped with fresh raspberries. Friend vegyogini on FB to see photos used in the webinar
Price: $5.55
Understanding the Human Aura
Some of the Highlights of this webinar: What is the aura? What are the different layers of the aura? The meanings of the aura colors What effects the aura, either enhancing, diminishing or creating holes in it? Do only humans have auras? Feeling, seeing and photographing the aura How to cleanse the aura? Aura Surgery
Price: $5.55
Prana Rich Raw Desserts That Tempt Your Taste Buds
There is no need to give up desserts!!! Just replace them with nutrient rich ingredients that Mother Nature has provided for us. These desserts are easy to make and have no sugar, flour or eggs or anything processed!!! And use easy to find ingredients and are not fattening!!! We will revisit common desserts and reinvent them to satisfy your taste buds and your conscience. In this webinar I taught how to make the following desserts: Chocolate Mousse (made with avocado base) Strawberry Cheesecake (cheese filling is made from cashews/lemon) Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (made with sprouted oatmeal) Tropical Pie (filling is all fruit-nothing added) And I provided many invaluable tips!!!!
Price: $5.55
Evolving into a Light Body Webinar Recording
In this webinar we discussed: *What is a Light Body? *Why would we want a Light Body? *How would we we get a Light Body? *How easy is it to get one? *How is a Light Body related to the Ascension Process? *How is a Merkaba related to the Light Body? *Microclusters and the Light Body *We chanted the Sacred Mantra that Swami Ramalingam used to turn his body into LIGHT in 1874
Price: $5.55
Maintaining A Higher Vibration on a Daily Basis Webinar Recording
In this webinar I discussed the following ways to keep one's vibration high. 1.Clearing and Shielding techniques 2. Pranayama 3. Meditation 4. Chakra Work 5. Energy Healing and other Light Work 6. Music 7. Dancing 8. Yoga and other Exercise 9. Diet 10. Sun Gazing 11. Sacred Mantra Chanting
Price: $5.55
Forgiving the Past to Move into Higher Dimensions Webinar Recording
In this webinar there is a talk about forgiveness. We are not going to ascend not higher dimensions if we still have karma with others. We will have to come back and make it right with these same relationships unless we have finished our business with them. The meditation starts with a prayer to to forgive those who hurt us and a special prayer for especially difficult relationships. There is a prayer asking forgiveness from those we have hurt or caused any pain. There is a prayer for causing pain to ourselves and to others we may have caused pain to but might not even know personally. Finally a prayer asking forgiveness from Mother Earth. Background music Angels of Love by Thaddeus
Price: $5.55
Elevating Our Diets with Live Foods Webinar recordings
The topics covered in this webinar are: Benefits Living Foods vs Raw foods Importance of Food Combining Food Transit times Snacking Soaking nuts Sprouting Wheatgrass Juicing Supplements Guiltless desserts What percentage raw is ideal? Biggest pitfalls What appliances are necessary to get started?
Price: $5.55
5 Webinar Recordings
Frequency of Food & Words, Purifying the Body, Elevating Our Diets with Live Foods and Breathing into Higher States of Consciousness & Forgiving our Past to Move into Higher Dimensions
Price: $25.00
The Frequency of Food Webinar Recording
Learn which foods have the highest frequency to enhance your meditations, clairsenses and allow you to receive more light and aid you on your spiritual quest. The following topics are covered: 1. The Three Gunas what are they and how do they effect us 2. The Sattvic diet or Yogic Diet 3. What Kirlian photography shows about "living" foods 4. The Raw Food Diet or periodic raw food cleansing 5.Spiritual Fasting 6. Meat and Ahimsa 7. Greens, Chlorphil and the Pranic Diet 8. Algaes 9. Super Foods and Herbs 10. Ormus
Price: $5.55
Purifying the Body to Receive the Divine Webinar Recording
* Different types of fasting * Raw food and blended raw food cleanses * Liver/Gallbladder cleanses * Kidney cleanses * Enemas, Colema boards, Colonics * Pancha Karma * Salt Scrubs, Seaweed, Herbal And Mud wraps * Herbal cleanses * Castor Oil packs * Heavy metal and chemical detoxing * Sauna and Steam * Yoga * Rebounding
Price: $5.55

Breathing into Higher States of Consciousness Webinar recording
in this webinar I talked about pranayam, diaphramatic breathing, how breathi is tied to emotions, how breath directs prana, the Ida, Pingala and Shushumna nadis, retention of the breath and practiced diaphramatic, Alternate Nostril breathing, Kapalabhati and Fire Breath.
Price: $5.55
The Frequency of Words Webinar Recording
The words we use can hold either a high or a low vibration. In this webinar we will look at words that can heal and bring us joy or pain to us and others. I covered topics like how words are like angels, how to turn common idioms into positive statements,Louise Hay and affirmations, common affirmations, Right Speech in Buddhism, Non-violence and truth as part of the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga, Socrates Triple Filter, Mantras-very high frequency words with proper pronunciation. We chanted a few powerful mantras for removing obstacles, karma and for abundance.
Price: $5.55
Amrita Nectar of the Gods Webinar recording
Ice Cream is one of most everyone’s guilty pleasure. But we don't need to feel guilty about eating it!! It just needs to be 100% real food and healthy!!! We learned how to make the following raw Ice Cream 1.Mana- Vanilla with Raspberry Coulis 2.Nirvana-Blueberry Sorbet 3.Cloud Nine- Maple Pecan 4.Bliss- Pistaschio Mint 5.Goddess- Double Chocolate
Price: $5.55
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