WHOLE BEING HEALING -                        Sylvia May Smith

ShareAngel Reader/Healer 

I facilitate angel readings which are messages that the angels have for you to help you grow, guide you towards a more fulfilling life, steer us towards out life purpose, the work you are meant to do this lifetime, a soul mate, harmonious relationships, manifest the things you want in your life and so much more.
Angel healings consist of clearing negative energy around your  energy field and body and fear based thoughts by cutting cords attached to you draining you of your life force and vacuuming this psychic debris out of you as well as release vows made in other lifetimes of poverty or celibacy or other past life karma. It I will teach you to simple yet powerful techniques so you can do it daily or as often as you need to.

Angels are messengers from God and are non-denominational.

15 minute angel reading or healing $11.11 skype

30 minute angel healing & reading $22.22 skype

60 minute comprehensive angel reading/healing (including mediumship reading) 
$33.33 skype

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