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Certified Yoga Teacher 
Licensed Massage Therapist 
Certified Colon Therapist
Reiki Practitioner Deeksha Giver
Webinar Facilitator 

In the late 60′s and early 70′s in southern California was a climate of rebellion to societies’ values which encouraged me to think outside the box. Men grew their hair longer, women burned their bras, their skirts got shorter and they demanded equality. Students protesting the Vietnam war advised ” to make love not war,” Hare Krishna devotees marched down main streets singing about God and extolling the virtues of an ascetic life, and vegetarian restaurants and smoothie bars suddenly began “sprouting up” in every town. The Beatles embarked on a pilgrimage to India to meditate with the Maharishi, and Swami Satchidanada introduced yoga to Woodstock. People were curious to find more meaning to their lives than merely acquiring things to make their lives more comfortable as their parents had done. I began to read many books on eastern spirituality including “Be Here Now” and “The Autobiography of Yogi” and occasionally witnessed yoga being practiced on a nearby beach which piqued my interest in yoga even more.  

So in 1972, my best friend and I signed up for a course at The Yoga Center in Costa Mesa, California with the founder Ramakrisha Ananda, a swami who dressed in an orange robe and meditated 7 hours a day, and immersed in a program of asanas, meditation, yoga philosophy and chanting.I developed a daily home practice of meditation and yoga asanas. Ramakrisha’s teachings guided me for many years after moving to NYC in 1976.  He had recommended that I continue to study yoga at The Integral Yoga Institute Of New York before I moved here in 1976. After arriving, I was seduced by the excitement of the city; the fashion culture, the newest restaurants and hottest nightclubs. I was sidetracked from my spiritual path for awhile and didn’t make it to The Integral Institute for 10 years though I continued doing yoga at health clubs and schools sporadically in between. I spent the next 10 years pursuing a career in the fashion business. I had considered teaching yoga soon after moving to New York city but didn’t trust my intuition then. I spent many years longing for a fulfilling career but it wasn’t until I left the fashion and film businesses that I found it.

In the mid 80′s, after a decade long varied career in the fashion business, in retail and wholesale sales, public relations, freelance styling, and as a wardrobe supervisor, I reached a pivotal point in my life. I sought a more balance and a holistic life and returned to a vegetarian diet, a regular yoga practice, meditation and began to reconnect with my spiritual path. I began to seek for a more holistic career that resonated with my current healthier and spiritual outlook. I had been attending the Integral Yoga Institute for a few years and decided to deepen my yoga practice by taking the teacher training. After graduating from The Integral Institute of Yoga in NYC in the early 90′s, I was invited to join the Institute as an instructor and realized I’d found my true calling. I found immense satisfaction helping others to find the inner peace I had found. It felt like the most important work I could do in the world. Yoga literally changed my whole life. It became not only my own personal way to find inner peace, reduce stress, gain flexibility and to exercise but became my own spiritual path toward enlightenment, my career and my form of karma yoga and service to others. In the years since I’ve had the privilege to have studied under the many amazing teachers, including David Life, Jean Koerner, Estelle Eichenberger, Lois Nesbith and most notably, my mentor, the late Vishnu Jayson, the founding director of the uptown center of The Integral Institute of Yoga in NYC. 

I was always drawn to oriental massage and first trained in Shiastu but once I heard about the yoga aspects of Thai massage, this form of massage appealed more to me. I ended up training instead with The First School of Nuad Bo Rarn in 1996 and still mostly practice this unique style of massage. Throughout my life I had always attended and loved spas, fasting retreats, yoga ashrams and Buddhists meditation centers such as; La Vita Hot Springs in California, Gurneys Inn in Montauk, Canyon Ranch in Massachusetts and New Age Health Spa upstate, The Sivananda Yoga Ranch in the Bahamas to rest and renew, get centered, return to healthy eating or fast and de-tox. I wanted to be a part of the rejuvenative and healing environment of health spas as well as find another rewarding way to “live my truth” and pursue “right livelihood”. I pursued a New York State license as a massage therapist and graduated from The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in 1999. I worked in top NYC spas such as The Away Spa and The Greenhouse. I trained in Ayurvedic treatments including Shirodhara, Hot Stone Therapy, Deep Tissue, reflexology as well as more typical spa treatments such as exfoliating scrubs and detoxing seaweed and herbal wraps. 

After years of strenuous ashtanga and vinyasa yoga practice with little alignment instruction and without having the proper muscular balance, I eventually injured my knee. I sought more education about fitness so I could help heal myself and understand why I became injured and, subsequently, became certified as an ACE personal trainer in 2001. Soon after I was fortunate enough to find some Anusara teachers teaching a more therapeutic style of yoga which allowed me to resume my yoga practice that I’d stopped for a time while strengthening my knee at a gym. Being a yoga purist at heart, I was thrilled that I’d found a type of yoga that made my body strong in the right places, strengthened my joints and that I could regain my flexibility without re-injuring myself as well as give me a better physical shape. I also loved that Anusara yoga emphasized what I always felt was the main essence of yoga, connecting to one’s inner joy and heart. I have completed part of a 200 hours of Anusara teacher training. In my classes I incorporate the teachings of all my teachers, past and present, into my classes and am grateful to all of them for the wisdom they have imparted to me as both a student and a teacher. 

I healed myself of severe digestive problems that plagued me for several years by a raw vegan diet, juicing, and many types of de-toxing. My health had become run down by consuming too much sugar and starchy foods and I had aged prematurely even though I was eating a vegetarian diet. I felt bloated, toxic and sluggish from systemic candida. I embarked on a raw food diet and attended many lectures by several incredible raw food teachers including Dr. Gabriel Cousins, Dr. Fred Bisci, David Wolfe, Gil Jacobs, Donna Perrone, and Paul Nison (to name a few) and read many books, gleening valuable information from these incredible teachers. After having a Live Blood Cell Analysis and ,then, later attending The Ann Wigmore Institute Lifestyle certification Program in Puerto Rico I finally realized it was necessary for me to give up fruit for a period in order to heal, drink lots of green juice and have sufficient colonics to support my de-toxing. My digestion finally improved and the symptoms disappeared. As a result of a raw food vegan diet, intensive detoxing and a refined yoga practice, I look and feel younger, have more energy than and a better body than most woman my age. I don't have to worry about gaining weight anymore which had been a major pre-occupation my entire life. I am now motivated to share the benefits of adopting a mostly or at least 50% raw vegan diet, the importance of correct food combination, juicing, cleansing and detoxifying methods, proper digestion and elimination and including whole food supplements daily into one’s diet. 

I became certified in colon therapy in February 2007 at The Woods Institute in Florida which uses the gravity method, a gentle method which improves peristalsis and cleanses the colon of dangerous toxic debris. Colon therapy was a huge part of my recovery and I love helping others heal from digestive problems. I spent over a year working and training with Birgit Krome at Great Jones Spa giving colonics where we practiced the Edgar Casey colon therapy method. 

I became a certified Reconnection healer 2 years ago in 2009. I received a session during an ear candling. A sense of peace came over me that lasted until the evening. Many have received profound healings with only one session. A year and a half ago, I became a deeksha oneness blessing giver to because this path leads to awakening. From the Oneness group I was introduced to Sri Pranaji, a Siddha master, and became a Jhoti Swaroope and Ananda (bliss) Siddhi initiate to further my own spiritual development. I was also certified as a Sarva Shakti Sadhana Instructor by Sri Pranaji which raises one's vibrations. A year ago I attended the Inner Beauty Master Practitioner Course and am now certified as an Aura Detox Therapist. I perform aura surgery to cleanse the aura and chakras of traumas and unconscious patterns that we might carry around for many years and even lifetimes. 

In 2011, I took courses on how to connect to Archangels with Reverend Nina Roe and Narmada Pratap. I was a faciltator of weekly webinars for Inner Light Heals and Online Lightworkers Oasis founded by Narmada Pratap in 2012. Please join our OLO group page at  https://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_320267481990
and please bookmark the OLO fan page for the list of events to keep updated with all the OLO group's webinars.

This year I was blessed with the Reiki attunements I/II as well as Shambala Reiki aka Multi Dimensional Healing Level I & II attunements. It is so beautiful to be a vehicle of these incredible energies which grow stronger as I use them. The masters keep downloading me so it is a total honor and pleasure to facilitate a healing for you. 
My whole life is based on service to others. I am only a vehicle to help others live a happier, healthier and more whole life. That is my main goal. To be of service to others. I hope I can be of service to you.

As you grow you naturally feel like helping others and as you help another you inevitably grow. Sri Amma Bhagavan.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.  
--  Winston Churchill 

Please contact me at sylvia@wholebeinghealing.net.
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